10 Summer Closet Must-Haves!

Here on the east coast, the weather is beyond bi-polar. But once those warm, sunny days decide they want to stay, you'll be prepared! Here are my 10 easy to wear essentials for every girls closet.

Summer Essentials

Summer Essentials by que-viva-viviana featuring lining shoes

1. Waterproof Mascara- TRUST. Yes, you will be swimming and splashing around obviously, but I wear my affordable yet faithful Maybelline One by One waterproof mascara all the time, all year. I learned my lesson while I was out shooting in a gun range for the first time; my regular mascara started melting with the sun-heat which lead to stinging, teary, blurry, eye-sight. That could have been a real disaster. In general, swimming and crying and the stuff of life call for waterproof mascara. 

2. One Piece Swimsuit- Why? Because it will always be good to you. You may have shelled out money for that hot new 2-piece, but pack this trusty suit for the days when you've had too much beer and barbecue (as if), or are bloated on your "time-of-the-month". You can still look good and be carefree.

3. Aviators - Need I say more? This pair is flattering on just about every face shape and everywhere; you can't NOT have 'em. When you lose your prized "trendy" shades on that roller coaster, guess who will come swooping in to ease the pain? Yeah.

4. Thin Jewelry- There's nothing wrong with shiny bauble necklaces and chandelier earrings. But sometimes they're just heavy, annoying, and distracting. A thin necklace or glimmering stud earrings will add and understated elegance to any casual get-up.

5. White Blazer- Preferably a cotton/linen blend, you can freshen up your work outfit , add polish to a tee and jeans, wear with shorts and wedges... the possibilities are endless! It's also great for those breezy summer nights. 

6. Light Pants- I don't need to tell you that colored pants are popular right now, but if you don't have a comfortable casual pair yet, you're missing out! Also definitely try prints and lighter materials for added fun. 

7. Strap Sandals - This minimalist cute sandal is a refreshing alternative to the proverbial thong flip-flop. They go with everything from dresses to printed pants.

8. Denim Shorts - Comfortable, easily matched and durable. Get a high-waist pair and go crazy. 

9. Relaxed Blouse - Really, you can wear any comfy top you like, but this slouchy button-up is equal parts relaxed and polished. It will look good on us all! 

10.Kick-ass Tote Purse-  Impromptu road trip? Check. A day at the Lake? Check. Night at a friends place? Check. This particular tote is spacious, has a black and white print to go with anything and classy leather handles. 


Healthy Breakfast: Scrambled Egg Muffins

Not to be mistaken with the Egg McMuffin, these easy to make eggs are packed with goodness. I used Arugula, green onions, tomatoes, spinach, and green pepper; topping them off with cilantro. Yum! 


Shoe Trend: The Ankle Strap Heel

If I could only afford one pair of shoes for spring '13 (which is a little too close to the truth), I will look no further than the tantalizing two strap.

 Since my body shape is the inverted triangle, I need shoes that will draw attention to my feet and these babies will highlight my petite legs like no other sandal will.

 Realistically, I'm more likely to go with something that has either a chunky or low heel, because I'd like to actually walk in them.


Shout out to you


Closet Cravings: Shoe Porn Overload

Don't fight it. Just scroll down and let the serotonin flow through your brain. Your welcome. 
Solange Knowles shoe collection. (killer taste!)
Pay no attention to the demonic dog because the shoes are way cuter. (And this is coming from a dog-lover.)

Those pink pumps have stolen my heart and mind. @shoeperwoman.com
Doll shooz! @ teresaminis.com
nicky hiltons shoe closet. JELLY.
Now, wipe the drool off your face. I'll be shopping. 

****Oh, and I do not take credit for any of these pictures.****


New Shoes + Virgo Style

Totally scored these babies at a grand total of $13 as a result of a crazy shoe sale at Macy's today. The Dolce Vita Marcel suede loafer originally sold for about $70, so I think I was pretty lucky that they even had my size. Now to figure out some outfits. How would YOU wear them?

Celebrating my birthday Virgo Style!

I entered this into a style contest for Polyvore today. It demonstrates my naturally virgo style, where-in I tend to go for browns, blacks, navy, white, and cool colors. You don't win anything,but this was really fun to make.



Fall/Winter '12 Mood Boards

Starry Night

Untitled #2

These are some looks I made that I'd totes ROCK this winter if I could. I've been seeing a lot of stargazing and space-inspired clothes lately. I love the other-worldly spacy feeling it gives off, making it one of my favorite trends. Or err.. styles. I hope they're here to stay, but as with most things in the fashion world, they might just be a fleeting fancy.

 My second look is a mix of recent trends that have been circulating around (python print, studs, fringe, liquid leggings, sheer blouses...yep, we have it all!) surprisingly coexisting in harmony. But I do feel some tension. I'd still wear it. I wonder if the pants would squeak? lol.

Have a good night.