Fashion Inspiration: The Wild

My favorite things to look at are beautiful (but terrifying-in-person) animals that are either rare or poisonous or both rare and poisonous. I can't help but marvel at their beauty and think, if I was a fashion designer, these would be my inspirations. Their vivid colors and textures and risky vibe are all so attractive and inspiring to me. That's how you know that if I was their prey or victims, I'd be DEAD by now. So enjoy my fave images!
Snakeskin print, anyone?

Believe me, I can make an entire post about Jellyfish and create an entire McQueen-esque couture collection based on their aesthetic. Or, at least attempt to.
But I'm not the only one obsessed with Jellyfish Fashion. Check these out!

Metallic accesories,anyone? Trendspotter
The blanket octopus. Still waiting for a gown based on it.

And that picture of Jellyfish compels me to post this Oyster Dress byAlexander Mcqueen as a visual reminder of what I want my wedding dress to look like.
Here are photo creds in chronological order from top to bottom.
Python by Michael Winokur
Spiny backed Orb Weaver- nathistoc
Jellyfish! - abduzeedo photography
Mandarin Ducks - National geographic
Metallic Beetles - Creepy Animals
Oyster Dress - Met Museum
Iguana - Cyrus Khamak
White Lion - Twisted Sifter

*Note: Not all of these animals are dangerous but baby, I don't discriminate.They're still cool enough for me!

Have a Marvelous Monday


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