Sew Confident: The Importance of Tailored Clothes

Have you ever had problems with the way clothes fit? Like somehow, during an unfruitful shopping trip you start delving into discontent misery and mental body-bashing for not being able to fit seamlessly and PERFECTLY into the pieces that are available?

This happens to me nearly EVERY time I go shopping. I partake in the occasional body-bashing and the sadness and the Why-can't-I-just-be-a-little-taller-and-thinner-and-all-around-conventionally-hot and other stupid routine questions.

What I forget sometimes is that this way of thinking is WRONG, horribly wrong.

Too often we are unreasonably hard on ourselves by physically and mentally punishing our bodies over things that WE CAN'T CONTROL. I don't want to turn this post into a love-yourself-flower-power fest, (let's face it, those things are on their way to joining the ranks of old 80's anti-drug educational videos) but I really do believe that we need to accept what we can't change and focus our energy on the things we can instead of self loathing that leads nowhere.

Here are some better questions to ask yourself: Why should I have to wear clothes that I don't love and don't make me look and feel confident and amazing? Why should I have to wear something that doesn't highlight my best physical features while flattering my least? Why should I need to actually HAVE a million bucks in order to LOOK like a million bucks?

Well, I shouldn't and neither should you! (In T.V anouncer voice)

For me, a big part of my exterior self-esteem is being able to look my best while reflecting my own unique aesthetic. I want to look like myself, in the best way possible. Don't you?

You can either wear clothes or let that clothes wear you. Why not make it your bitch and make it work for you? That's the idea I had a while ago. I kept thinking, this clothes doesn't fit me,but it should. I decided to learn to sew and refashion clothes myself.

Do you know the amount of things I can do once I learn? Oh, the fun and fashionable DIY projects, the re-fashioned and revived thrift store clothing, the money I'll save, the creativity I'll be able to release! My mind was fluttering with ideas.

Last Christmas, I was given this sweet thang, and with work and school I haven't really had the time or motivation to learn to sew. In other words, I was being lazy and uncreative and basically not MYSELF.

Brother cs6000i computerized 60 stitch sewing machine

Well, now since school's out and I only have a part time job and newfound energy, I'm ready to learn!

Unfortunately, I don't know anyone willing to teach me besides YouTube......But on the other hand, I can fortunately always fall onto YouTube! I'm looking on Craigslist (yeah, you heard me) and different websites to find an affordable and skilled instructor. Don't smirk, I have a few leads. Anyway, I am open to suggestions, so if you know anyone....

Here's another link I found for Finding Clothes that Fit and Flatter, and as if you need more convincing, a few ways that Ill fitting clothes is physically bad for you. (Whaat?)

Have a great Tuesday, 6-26-2012! It's the only one you'll have :)


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